Monday, September 5, 2011

Cuteness in quetion?

Has anybody ever noticed that cute kawaii kitsh things are a typical girl thing for girls 13 and older, and actually considered cool, but when little kids do it, other kids call them babies and or stupid. Why is that? Well most likely because when your a kid you thnk its all about growing up and acting older.. but when yur older its all about acting immature and stupid and the opposite of cool wich is actually cool. The world is so screwy and twisted. Heres my new care bear key chains>>>
And people think im cool why??


So most know that I live in Seattle, and in all my 15 years of exsisting on the lovely planet called eath, I have never rode the ducks. For the people that dont have a clue whatthat is, its an attraction in seattle right underneath the spaceneedle, and its a car boat. Weird, I know!!! I actually thought it would be stupid like a tourist thing and they woul teach simple facts, but I actually learned some things that I never knew, including one of the Beatles most famous pictures of them fishing off of a hotel balcony. Not only was it filled with info, but was extremly commical, I dont think i could have had a funnier tour guide than him, he had SEVEN different hats during the tour, includng a mike one from monsters inc!!!! So anyway Ill stop talking and show some pics!
I actually took a ton of tourist style pictures, but im not a tourist.. DUH!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Well i just finished the series Princess Tutu, and i have to say, that was the deepest and most horrifying anime series I have ever watched. But in a good way of course!! This is one of those things that your glad you watched but at the same time you wished you hadnt. Its one of those why cant the series go on forever kind of dealios, but nope, you have to take what you get and run with it. I must say i really would have loved to see Fakir and Duck atleast kiss, or spend lovely quality time together. Yes their dance together was nice, but still, i love to watch romance, it makes me happy in a tearfull kind of way. Im honestly not surprised with the ending at all, yes i thought maybe they would cut her some slack and atleast let her stay a girl, but the rest came as no shock. Im not trying to make it sound as if the series was predictable, because it completly wasnt, twists and turns at every corner just blew me away. What i am implying is that I have an extremely good knack at figuring out the endings, its curse and sometimes a gift. I cant take full credit, I only expected her to not end up with prince, but Im pretty sure half way through the middle of the story people caught on to the idea of Fakir and Duck. Honestly, im happy she and Fakir were basically together in the end, sad to say i wasnt a big fan of prince (notice how i dont capitalize his name) dont ask why, i dont honetly know, but Fakir was dreamy to me from the start. And with all that being said I say Princess Tutu is a wonderfull twisting story that may leave you crying, but the concept is so different, it sets it apart from regular typicall stories. I was quite happy to once find a story that wasnt so cookie cutter, the main girl who ends up with that dreamy guy everyone likes and just when things look bad everyrhing turns out perfect, Im sick of it, so Princess Tutu was a breath of fresh air.

Note: I did cry at the end of this series, i actually cried on and off for 2 days, thats how ingrossed i was with the story, and who cant love the main characters (weirdos) and just watch them vanish or turn into a duck with no hope for the future!! Well the story did give some lead, they left the end with one of those, make up your own ending thingys, wich was a bold action, but in noway has it affected my love for that series (and Fakir)!! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What do my friends think?

I asked my best friend Abby a few questions about lolita, decora, decoden, unicorns, and kawaii, so here they are:


#1-What do you think of lolita fashion?
I find it incredibly odd, and you should only wear it if your seven.

#2-Do you think the dresses are pretty?
there cute in a kind of old fashion way.

#3-Would you ever consider wearing lolita.
Never in my life, but maybe in the afterlife.

#4-What do you think of the hairstyles.
Do they really expect other people to take them seriously.

#5-Do you think its ok for people to wear these things everyday?
if your going to a tea party, then yes, but if your going to school, then no.

-Fairy Kei

#1-What do you think of Fairy Kei fashion?
Very strawberryish, and colorfull.

#2-Do you think the outfits are cute?
Sort of.

#3-Would you ever consider wearing Fairy Kei?
I have a reputation to maintaine.

#4-What do you think of all the colors?
All i can see is tons of pink.


#1-What do you think of Decoden?
I love them, they are adorable.

#2-Would you consider making things like decoden yourself?
If i were that talented yes.


#1-Do you think unicorns exist?
Me and my leperchaun buddy say its a possibility.

#2-If you ever saw a unicorn, what would you do?
Drink its blood so i could live forever.

#3-Would you be afraid to pet a unicorn, in fear that his horn would accidentally stab you?


#1-Do you you like Kawaii items?
they make me laugh when you waste your money on them.

#2-Would you ever spend as much money as I do on kawaii items?
Why would i do that when i could buy music and candy.

#3-Do you think kawaii things are cute?

#4-Do you think its acceptable to bring kawaii items to school?
If you wanna hang with the nerds then yes.


Well that was the interesting survey i had with my friend, she is a non believer and thinks only inside the box.
She would also like to add that she does support my decisions, just in a funny sort of way.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Why so critical?!

As i am writing this i am also watching americas next top model. Yes i do DVR this show, i love the world of modeling and i one day hope to become an on and off model, I geuss you could call it a girl who models when she wants. But watching this makes me realize how critical the world can be on fashion. Yes wearing lolita usually means you dont care what other people think, but still, that wont stop people from saying things. Dirty looks, sneers, rude comments, pointing, and even laughing dont typically feel good, but we lolitas learn to look past these things to wear all the bows and ruffles. But what about the people that do care, and do take it personally, its tough. I actually do sometimes get offended by things, it just depends the extremeness to it. I understand people will point, thats an obvious factor, but when someone follows you down the road to take pictures and throw things at you (yes that has happened to me) it makes me want to curl into a feedle position and cry. A smart lolita once said, it is a very lonely fashion. Sometimes i wish i had someone i could tell all my lolita fantasies to, but no, i have to cry sometimes. But over the years, you come to learn that the world will never change, there will always be people to point and laugh at you, and you may not like it, but you cant do anything about it. and her are my points to this post:

#1-Lolita is just clothing, youd get made fun of worse if you whent outside naked, so dont fret, normal people even find themselves getting told their outfits are weird, even if it is just some jeans and a simple tee.

#2-Just always remember, wether their laughing with you, or at you, your entertaining. You making smiles and happiness, and even if that happiness is because thay have nothing better to do with their lives, oh well, laughter is laughter.

#3-You will always be you inside, so even if someone is throwing things at you, it doesnt change who you are. Without the ruffles your you, and with the ruffles your you. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Post!

I pondered my mind thinking what should i write about in my first post. There are so many options, almost endless, but it cant just be about anything, it has to be memoriable, like "i remember the first thing i wrote about about on my first blog" not the "Eh i just chose a topic, and i dont even remember what the hell i wrote about" kind of thing. so with much thought i decided, i want anyone who reads this to ask a question about lolita, or decora, or kawaii, or fairy kei, or just about anything around those categorys. I know the blog title is lolita in a cup, but iv learned to never limit yourself, so ask anything. it could be a fashion question, or it could even be a completely ridiculous question, it doesnt really matter. And remember to like and subscribe to me on youtube, my channel name is littlelolitalover. Bye
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